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Designed to Provide a Better Experience – Fast Internet Speeds

Pro Marketing Central will be offering fiber internet that comes from a company committed to providing affordable high-speed internet to consumers nationwide. Our network will be designed to bring internet connectivity right to your home with a reliable and steady connection.

The network will be engineered to reduce failure points and improve service connectivity, ensuring a seamless internet experience for our customers.

Here are some benefits of Fiber Optic Internet:

  • Up to 50x Faster Uploads

    Your upload speed is the key factor in how fast information gets to other people. From video calls to competitive streaming, faster upload speeds allow you to experience better gaming, improved communication and send large files quickly.

  • Up to 10x Faster Downloads

    Your download speeds allow you to get things faster from the internet. From streaming shows to file downloads, faster download speeds allow you to save time and enjoy better quality. With Pro Marketing Central's fiber, you’ll be able to get up to 10x faster speeds compared to the competition, thanks to our 1 Gigabit per second connectivity.

  • Wi-Fi Coverage for the Entire Home

    We will offer a fiber-optic network that is perfect for connecting multiple devices through Wi-Fi. Our home network will provide you with multiple access points, ensuring seamless access across different levels of your house. By choosing us, you can say goodbye to slow-speed areas and dead zones within your home, and enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout your living space

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